Jimmy Cregan on the ground

SoBo Mile TV

During the Coronavirus lockdown we were all getting restless and finding things to do, have a bit of fun and to let off some steam. I decided to reach out to a few people, business, residents and officials alike, to get them to do a little video and see what we can come up with.

The result is this 1 hour special, that was actually accumulated over two Facebook Live events that I did. I didn’t do them very well ha ha. Not exactly my forte being in front of the camera, so for this one hour special, I just strung them all together.

I will make special mention for Simon Fernand, who came up with a couple of songs. One I have added to close off the video and another was a bit rude so just left off here, but you can seek it out.

Jimmy Cregan of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee making an intro.

Please listen to the Southbourne Food Bank appeal and see how you can help.