Sunflowers of Southbourne poster

Sunflowers of Southbourne – SOS

It was suggested against a backdrop of quite negative posts on a local community Facebook group that we change the narrative and come together in such a way as to celebrate the time when we will be coming out of the lockdown restrictions due to the Coronavirus.

The impact of Covid-19 has had huge impacts across the world, across business and across the communities. This was suggested by Peter from Immanuel Church.

The idea is for all who can, to grown giant sunflowers so by the summer we are bathed in a sea of yellow across our streets. For those that don’t have gardens sunflower pictures could be put onto the windows.

It has received a positive response so far. People have been sharing photos of the little plants coming through, sharing them and seeds to others.

SOS is normally a distress call. Let’s turn it into a rallying call instead for Sunflowers of Southbourne.