Sobo Waste Busting

A new year, so I thought I would try this at home and at work.

Having checked the back of a lot of plastic packaging over Christmas, a large percentage were mark as Not Yet Recycled. All too confusing on which councils do what. You might think plastic is plastic, but it’s not that clear cut.

I know you can separate many different types of packaging and take them to organisations (Win on Waste) that are using places such as Southbourne Library to collect.

We are not that disciplined at home or work, so we have started off down the Eco Bricks route. Thing like crisps packets, lens wipes, and even the strips of the easy seal envelopes we use at work goes into them.

Seems quite satisfying to stuff them all down into the bottom of a plastic drinks bottle with a pokey stick.

You might wonder what to do with an eco brick and no, it’s doesn’t go straight into the recycling or waste bin! You can find out if there are any places that collect them via this Eco Bricks website.

The SOBO Wastebusters group is also a very good source of information and action that you can take part in.

Just this one thing is not the answer, but it is one of things you can do as opposed of chucking everything in the bin.