Merry Christmas everyone

It has been a packed year in my SoBo life, personal life and work life – so it has been quieter on here that what I wanted.

The Southbourne Revival weekend was amazing. The weather got us during Frankenfest, but if we don’t try we won’t do anything.

New businesses have opened on our lovely high street. Some I have been to and others that I have yet to go, but nonetheless, I am aiming to do so and to speak to the owners.

Love Makla for adding something new to the street and also supporting both community events. Dicky’s is a classy addition and looks busy all week long. The ladies who lunch seem to have found a home, and why not indeed.

Carlos is still slapping me in the face with his garlic prawns. There’s all kinds of beers for all kinds of drinkers in all the bars. Rows and rows of wines from the Haywood sisters. Cocktails up in the Library of Liquor. Cheese shop selling all the cheeses. Have your fill of wine and cheese at Renoufs.

2020 will be even better and I am looking forward to it.