Interview with Rupert Holloway, Founder of Conker Spirit – Dorset Dry Gin

Little old us got an interview with Rupert Holloway of Conker Spirit who talked about how Conker Gin came about, how it embodies the local Southbourne scene, where he would love to see his gin, a collaboration to create a gin-mojito product and skirted around something exciting around the corner that he couldn’t say any further.

It was my first time doing this kind of thing and it was fun. It has been uploaded onto YouTube but you can see it below.

Oh yeah, Harrods of London if you are looking, Rupert would love you to stock it. Once you try it, I am sure you will.

Started in 2014, Rupert left his job as a Chartered Surveyor to embark on this new adventure putting all his efforts into becoming the first gin to be produced in Dorset. He succeeded but was forever fearful of a post popping up on Facebook, announcing that someone else had just done it before him. Not someone to just stop there, he has produced a coffee liqueur that has won so many fans. Basically a straight up alcoholic espresso that goes great in a cocktail as well as over ice.

You can regularly see Rupert on the Sobo Mile, so why not say hi to him next time.