Let’s put Southbourne on the foodie map – The #SoBoMile

Who’s in?

We know how great Southbourne is already, but there is more potential that could be unlocked.

Using Social Media and the Web, I am to make Southbourne stand out as a foodie destination, well foodie and drinkie destination. Those are the things that I know and love.

I love all the other businesses, just don’t know them personally, but I would try to promote the whole Southbourne area from before the Grove right through to Southbourne Crossroad.

We need to promote the diverse and independent nature of the businesses all along that Southbourne Mile. #SoBoMile

Would love you all to get involved.

You can help by using the #SoBoMile hashtag in blog posts, or website content, about what you do. Talk about it being a destination for foodies to come and visit from afar, and to make use of other independent businesses.

Through having more content centred around those themes, when people are searching for places to eat and drink in Bournemouth, we stand a chance they get directed to Southbourne. From their visit, they will get to see that there are other businesses that they might make use of, and that the beach may well be a better option than down town.

That’s how the Internet works.