Arts project in support of the defibrillators

A local resident, Kirsten, has started off a brilliant project involving the high street businesses to raise awareness of and to gain donations to the local defibrillator fund.

I will add that once we are able to get a defibrillator onto the Grove, I would love to see the same thing happen towards Southbourne Crossroads and towards Pokesdown. We need to move on and help the wider area. Maybe even towards the Commodore pub and down by the shops on Cranleigh Road.

— message from their pages —

What We Love… is a photographic exhibition created by Pokesdown Community Primary School to celebrate the love and connection in our community, and to raise money and awareness for the project to get a Community Defibrillator in Southbourne. Our children and staff are bringing together photographs of the things they love – people, animals, hobbies, places, foods, toys, maybe even a favourite woolly hat – to create display boards for a Pokesdown Loves… exhibition at school on Tuesday 24 April 2018 AND we would really love to invite you to join in.

To help raise greater awareness for the Community Defibrillator project we would like to make What We Love… into a whole community exhibition and turn Southbourne High Street into an art gallery. We would love to have each business create and share their own display in their window with photos of what the people there love, over the week beginning Saturday 28 April 2018.

A Community Defibrillator is an amazing, lifesaving machine that anybody can use to provide vital assistance to an adult or even a child experiencing a cardiac arrest. It has been shown that this can significantly increase the chance of survival in the time before an emergency response can arrive. Working with support from the Community HeartBeat Trust the aim is to fund the installation of a defibrillator that can be accessed 24/7 in Southbourne Grove. There will also be community training sessions for those people who would like to learn how to perform emergency first aid, CPR and learn how to use a defibrillator.

Community HeartBeat Trust collection boxes for donations to the Southbourne Community Defibrillator fund will be available in Southbourne stores during the week. The Community HeartBeat Trust is a registered charity that works with groups to support projects in their own community.

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