Get fit down on the Grove with Energie Fitness

Spring has sprung and although the sun has not yet got his hat on the summer beach bod is calling from behind the wardrobe!! With this in mind I had a lovely chat with Sarah and Kate at Energie Fitness on the Grove, designed with ladies in mind.

I was really impressed with their ethos which is not the “shame and blame” attitude, nor the “here’s what we call the discobamboozler, I’ll leave you both to get acquainted”!! This gym has a real enabling philosophy that there should be no barriers to exercise and to give their clients an I CAN DO THIS feeling.

Both Sarah and Kate were overwhelmed by the support and good wishes by everyone in Southbourne. They were obviously moved by the enormity of the unexpected good feeling about their new venture and mentioned that they are keen to hear of any suggestions or needs (keep it clean please 🙂 ).

More photos to follow once the fit out is complete! Watch this space!

Energie Fitness
Energie Fitness