Supporting your high street

sobo needs youThe news has been a bit of doom and gloom to start the year off when it comes to the larger behemoths of the high street. Some were so large that they couldn’t exist on the high street and could only live on retail parks. It is sorry to see businesses fold, such as Comet, HMV, Jessops and Blockbusters, and regardless of our feelings for the corporate business world of retail, it is still propped up by working families.

So, it is even more important that under hard economic times we still get out and about along our high streets to keep them alive. To keep the owners ticking along so at least the area is still alive and that they areĀ  around for when things pick back up.

For Southbourne Grove, why don’t you make it your mission to spread your spending a bit more across the shops. If you like your coffee and tea, then get every other one form a different place to your favourite haunt. Try a different place for your morning fry up. And if you didn’t like it, then it isn’t the end of the world is it, at least you tried and the owners got to see a different face. Makes their early morning rise to open up shop a bit more worthwhile.

Don’t forget the ends of the Grove, the side roads and going up towards Pokesdown as well. They all need your support but they are also all there to serve you.