Going Local down in the Groove

Unfortunately I was in London on Independents Day, but I sort of made up for it this weekend.

First it was the post office, yes we still have one on the high street, then it was off to Mr Charles. Ouch, my wallet is still feeling the pain, but I got an extra discount off the sale price so it is always worth asking although most of us are embarrassed to.

Next was a calming cream tea over at &tea. £5 for two scones with the trimmings and 2 choices of tea is an absolute bargain and well recommended. Just hush, and don’t tell them. Smiling Monkey was my tipple of the day.

Then it was something for the night’s dinner courtesy of Love Fish. I asked for all the samphire that was on display (so much cheaper than Waitrose I can tell you) and all the clams. Made a great starter out of it all but it could have been a main course.

Finally it was a quick pop into Co-op. OK, not exactly independent but at least they were the first ones there albeit in the Somerfield incarnation, to provide a local service. Any other chain is just jumping on the bandwagon as far as I am concerned.