Simon Fernand singing

#upliftPokesdown and Boscombe campaign

Gordon Fong and Tony Hughes, the organisers behind Southbourne Revival and Frankenfest, are doing a pop-up campaign that aims to shine a positive light across to Pokesdown and Boscombe along with some issues such as the lifts at Pokesdown Station that still haven’t been completed and raising mental health awareness.

This month long campaign will end in a live streaming music event, well that’s the aim at time of writing, but in Coronatimes things are liable to change.

We made a great start by interviewing Harry Seccombe from Chaplins. Well, there was no one else really to kick things off.

We got the amazingly funny Simon Fernand involved who created this song and video to highlight the issue of the lifts. It has got a lot of attention and ITV Meridian want to do a news piece on it too. That’s how you do Social Media.

Right at the same time BBC South Today did a piece on Mark Cribb from Urban Reed and Harry Seccombe from Chaplins.