Energie in Southbourne – the no joining fee slots are rapidly going

We got an e-mail from the new gym asking for a mention and to say that their free offer of no joining fee for the first 75 joiners is rapidly running out, so be quick if you are thinking of joining.

This is a press release from them below.

At Energie our aim is to find new and creative ways for our ladies to achieve their goals. We like to go the extra mile and exceed all expectations – after all, our members are the best part of our gym! Our friendly team of fitness professionals are on hand at all times to provide support and guidance wherever it is needed, and also to create a welcoming, playful environment in which members can feel connected.

Being based in the beautiful suburb of Southbourne really means a lot to us. Surrounded by small local businesses, we want to support the local community as much as possible. Our monthly social events will be held locally in order to help boost local businesses and show our belief in them. With the large majority of our members being very local, there is a real community feel to our gym which is a fantastic environment to be around.

Here at Energie Fitness for Women in Southbourne we are very proud to announce that we have three generations of a family that have joined us! Sayma – 63, Jennifer – 40 and Syma – 18 have made the fantastic decision to join us at Energie in the quest for a fitter and healthier lifestyle. Sayma, daughter Jennifer and granddaughter Syma are all thoroughly excited to join us here at Energie.  All living local to Southbourne, they will regularly exercise together, helping with motivation and encouragement. Sayma (63) explains that she has been active and healthy all her life, and would really like to maintain this with our help. Sayma was previously a member of another female only gym, however, the distance from home really didn’t suit her, and she is very relieved that there is finally a gym in Southbourne! Jennifer (40) told us how she wants to lose some weight, and gain more energy, both of which we can help her to achieve with our innovative 6 week Empower programme. Finally, Syma (18) is new to exercise and would really like to build up a respectable fitness level and get used to exercising regularly.