Let’s move on from the Reef

Yes, we all know the Boscombe Surf Reef has been a big disaster and embarrassment to the area especially when it is seen on national TV and in the press.

We can analyse and criticise the councillors and their decisions, and the taxpayers money wasted all day long. I say let them have their own bun-fight inside the council chambers as its going to take them years of wrangling with ASR.

I, for one, am bored of all the negativity now. Yes I am annoyed as anyone, but I’d rather move on in a positive mood. If you look down along the promenade it is now so much better. Urban Reef setting up has meant others have had to raise their game a little. The old Neptune pub was disgusting in comparison. It is drawing people to the area after the sun has gone down.

The sea front has moved on and the business people are working hard to move forward in a positive way themselves.

We have seen Southbourne Grove get its “groove” on as well and has picked up from its low point. Now, it is vibrant, colourful and an even better place to be. But we all knew that anyway, didn’t we?

Let’s not get stuck like the commenters on the Bournemouth Echo web site. Come rain or shine, there’s a lot going for this place we call home.